By Mustafa Sharif


San Siro. San Paolo. Juventus Stadium. Some of the best venues for football in the Old Continent. This week there were the first games of the 2013-14 group stage, and for teams like Celtic, Borussia Dortmund and Copenhagen, they were in for some spine-tingling atmospheres. Calcio always provides a great stage for the European Cup.

One of the greatest moments of the week came from Naples, when Gonzalo Higuain scored for Napoli to open the scoring and to endear himself to the city of Diego Maradona. Another great moment occured when AC Milan defender Christian Zapata scored off a deflection to claim the first goal of the match. Then you could obviously hear the roar of the San Siro, the bellowing “GOOOOOAAAAAL” as is the normal in all Italian grounds.

But what makes Italian football stadiums so unique in comparison with English or Spanish stadiums is that there is always a rumbling from the “curva” and there is almost no moments of silence, the ground is rumbling constantly for 90 minutes. A machine for football. All Italian teams have a ‘curva’ section where the most passionate fans sit. They have a curva director who doesn’t really watch the match, just directs the …continua sul blog

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