By Mustafa Sharif

MLS (c)

MLS (c)

At the 2013 MLS All Star game vs Serie A giants AS Roma, MLS Commissioner Don Garber said that the league is looking to add four teams, expanding it to 24 teams by 2020, making it one of the biggest top leagues in the world.

“We will continue with our mission to create one of the world’s best leagues by 2022″ said Garber at the game.

This brings back memories of the days of Sir Alex Ferguson’s summer tours of the US in the early part of the millenium, where he’d spontaneously brought up the idea of the US having not just one top league, but many top regional leagues and having each league have its own superclub, or powerhouse of that region. Fergie is a smart person in all respects, but I don’t this would ever work.

If I was a proponent of Fergie’s ideas, I could bring up a mention of European football, and how in European football travel is quick. In US sports travelling (current model) is comparatively a marathon for the players, add that on to the hot stadiums in midday kickoff times …continua sul blog

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