By Mustafa Sharif

Dempsey Seattle

Sunday was our first taste of Dempsey’s Seattle in a Cascadia Derby, in which his team won 1-0 over the Timbers. American Eddie Johnson gave the spoils to Seattle in the second half, where Seattle played considerably better. While fellow American and Seattle star Clint Dempsey is one of the greatest ever American players, does his move to Seattle help Seattle’s case of being the premier club in the league?

Seattle has long been vying for the role of “Soccer City” with its rivals, Portland Timbers. But now with the addition of Clint and going through three wins and a loss since his arrival, the Sounders record before the American came stateside was exactly the opposite, three losses and a draw.

This move proved that MLS clubs don’t have to get European stars when they pass their prime. Dempsey is still an asset worth considering for many clubs, as well as the national team as the World Cup kicks off this upcoming summer.

Los Angeles, for many reasons, and for many people is still the Superclub of MLS, though. One of the biggest reasons is because it is a bigger metro area than Seattle. The club is known as the “Hollywood” club. If …continua sul blog

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