By Mustafa Sharif


“Ronaldo is a commander” “Messi is a good boy” were what FIFA president Sepp Blatter used to answer a questioned posed on him during an event in the Oxford Union on the 25th of October. These seemingly playful words must’ve been misinterpreted by the Portuguese footballer. There is no other way of deducing or decoding the social media retort sent by @Cristiano just hours after the YouTube video got considerable media attention. @Cristiano said this:

This video shows the respect and consideration that FIFA has for me, my club and my country. Much is explained now

— Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) October 29, 2013

I wish Mr.Blatter health and a long life, with the certainty that he’ll continue to witness the successes of his favourite teams and players

— Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) October 29, 2013

It seems that Ronaldo, like a lot of people in the media and covering the football world held assumptions and prejudices that FIFA was biased towards Lionel Messi, the main competitor of Ronaldo for the Balon D’Or for the past few seasons.

For Ronaldo, taking offense to this joke is bad PR, nothing more. And yet taking offense on behalf of your club and country seems ludicrous.

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