By Mustafa Sharif


Juventus can surely utter the words “sono stati superiori” when comparing themselves to AC Milan. Milanese football is really going through a traumatic period stuck between promises of rebuilding and trying to get results to stay in “proper” areas of the classification. The San Siro match on Sunday night went from a thriller to a drama faster than anyone who watched the match wanted to. Reason being the Rossoneri diabolical defending and challenging. But what does this have to say about the man who has the keys to Silvio Berlusconi’s empire?

Max won a Scudetto in his first season with Milan, then finished second and then third. Good for him, and for whoever supports him. But this analysis is so thin to me and other competent people who can analyze the situation at AC Milan. There are many intangibles that any top manager can be accredited with. Those things that show you that he can not only get results, but manage the fine details and protect the ambiance of a club like Milan. Those things really matter. I’ve never once seen Max protect his players … cover for them when the media starts getting into his players situations. Like when Kevin …continua sul blog

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