By Mustafa Sharif



Diego Forlan is coming to MLS. The deal with Toronto FC can close sometime this week. There is a tremendous backstory, as well as his fit into the team and where the team & coach fit within MLS.

Back in April, one of the leading sports businessmen in the country took the reigns of arguably MLS’ most struggling side. This man is known as Tim Leiweke, former president of an entertainment group known as AEG, which owns both the Los Angeles Galaxy, Los Angeles Kings and partially the Los Angeles Lakers. In March Leiweke left AEG and the following month brings us to his arrival at MLSE, or Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

MLSE’s proprietary sports franchises include Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors as well as Toronto Football Club. Leiweke is the main man that can give TFC success, but even more-so in the NBA where he can produce the ‘best’ product, in a first-class league (something MLS can’t call itself).

Leiweke’s employers AEG were a main facilitator for David Beckham’s move to MLS. They also formally <a target=_self href="" title="Anschutz AEG NFL Stadium – Leiweke …continua sul blog

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